Using Raspberry Pi For Control – Tutorial 2 – Corridor Light

This tutorial is designed as an introduction to using PiFace with the Raspberry Pi. It assumes a basic knowledge of python programming (syntax structure and use of IF statements) as well as use of the PiFace board.

The aim of the tutorial is to use electrical components (such as LEDs, resistors and LDR) to simulate a automatic corridor light.

It uses the PiFace digital and the ADC Pi Board from AB Electronics

The tutorial was originally used with BTEC Extended Diploma IT students studying Unit 24 – Controlling Systems using IT

Below is the tutorial and the python file used to interface with the adcBoard. You will also need the quick2wire API to use the tutorial with Python3 (see the link for details, it requires some changes to config files on the Pi, contact me if you need help)

PiFace & ADC Tutorial – Corridor Light

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