InfoSec Resources

I’ve recently started studying the field of InfoSec and as part of my research have come across a range of resources which have helped me begin to understand the field. Below I will list and attempt to review the resources I have found most informative and useful.

  • Security Now (TWiT) – Steve Gibson (Programmer and Security researcher) and Leo Laporte discuss current issues associated with Security from a personal perspective. This is a good source of discussion of current issues alongside some listener Q&A. Its quite a long listen weekly but does generally discuss some useful areas although sometimes does go off on tangents. Worth a listen weekly though for a debate on security. Available on YouTube, through the TWiT website and via Podcasting platforms (such as Apple’s)
  • Let’s Encrypt – This is just fantastic! Introduced to me through the podcast in the previous point and now utilised on this website. This provides free SSL/TLS certificates on supported hosts (such as the one I am using BuyShared,com so that you can have a secured connection and valid certificate for your website. Very easy to set up through cPanel on host and works perfectly. The software built into the host automatically issues and renews the certificate every three months without any need to do anything.
  • Schneier on Security – Blog by security expert Bruce Schneier which is also available as monthly newsletter. Bruce reports on various security news in a technical yet clear way.
  • InfoSecurity Magazine – Paper-based magazine with website which discusses InfoSec news. Also runs a yearly conference in London, UK (which I will be attending this year)

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